Usage of 3D models

3D Digital Biological Specimens” is a unique technology in the world. The main objective is to promote and disseminate understanding of biodiversity and its conservation. However, the cost of its development is very high, and we need your help to continue to make it available to the public. We would appreciate your understanding of the following points.

If you want to deviate from the default license of our ( / 3D models (e.g. using CC-BY-NC models for commercial), please pay what you think is a valid price following your conscience.

However, the above conditions do not apply to CT scan models (CC-BY-NC-SA), which are NOT available for other than academic use.

The identification of the species is not certain. Please verify it individually.

Approximate prices are as follows.

Individual use: US$10-200 per model according to the model quality and utilization.

Enterprise use: 1 to 50% of the sales as royalty. The percentage is defined according to the 3D models’ contribution to your commodity. Please summary the sales and pay semiannually. If the percentage cannot be calculated (e.g. usage for advertisement, promotion, CSR, etc), define the value according to the size of your company.

Please let me know if you need invoice (PDF only).

If a contract is required, we will respond, but it will take time. Or you can provide us a contract draft.


Payment for the usage of 3D models

Please use the button below to make your payment.

Payment unit is in U.S. dollars.

There is NO confirmation page. One click completes the payment.