20 Models License | No Credit Display Required | Individual Use | 3D model at Sketchfab (ffish.asia / floraZia.com)

20 Models License | No Credit Display Required | Individual Use | with Bonus

By purchasing this license, you (individual) can use 20 of ANY "CC Attribution"-licensed Models at


WITHOUT Credit Display beyond the original CC Attribution License. The proceeds will be used for the further creation, publication, and dissemination of 3D digital biological specimens through Kyushu Open University (QOU).

There is NO support for this, so, please anyway download and check the models BEFORE purchasing this license.

You can purchase 20, 40, 60 by changing the quantity at the checkout. However, if more than 60 models, "100 models license (individual)" is cheaper.

BONUS: You can ALSO freely use any "CC BY 4.0"-licensed photo images at https://ffish.asia and https://floraZia.com WITHOUT Credit Display by purchasing this license (Not for resale).



  • Species identification is NOT guaranteed, please check by yourself.
  • "Individual" means individual (or 2-3 persons) YouTuber, Artist, Game-developer, etc.
  • No refunds will be given.